From the Vault.... Back to the Beginning

I love the chorus from the song "Let it Happen" by United Pursuit....So take me back, back to the beginning, when I was young running in the fields with you.

You see i've discovered a secret that I am not a human having a spiritual experience but the other way around. Yes! I am a spirit having a human experience. I remember the freedom and sheer bubbles of joy in my belly as a child as I would swing under the tree and try to catch the clouds with my toes. I remember the feelings of amazing peace in the wind when I would dance and sing for hours picking a flower and inhaling its wonder of colour, feeling and exploring the soft petals. everything was new. Breathing was exhilirating. I knew I was in God and God was in me and all around me. I felt angels and talked with them. I heard spirit whispering to me on a day to day basis. it was all natural to me to know Gods presence and be present. So after the abuse that occurred over several lifetimes I learnt what fear was to protect my fragile innocent heart. Control sets in and anger that can turn you inside out. Grief over the loss of innocence. I learnt that if I forgive it releases me but it felt too late because of the way my body had been subjected to all this anger, hate and grief. i had developed a health condition that was driving me to despair. I had to face it all. So I did and it led me on a journey to discover frequencies for healing. After all, I respond to sound, music and how it affects me is powerful. I learnt that sound frequencies had been used to heal physical conditions from the flu to diseases, cancers etc. As I embarked on this journey i was led to research what sound can do from a quantum physics angle, and it began to blow my mindsets. 

It was on a Sunday morning at a church meeting where I was crying out for healing and as I was on my knees I heard a familiar voice praying softly and tenderly for the healing of the bladder condition. Then the shift began to take place in my thoughts and heart towards my much loved son in Australia. I felt waves of grief gripping my soul over the distance between us and the longing for reconciliation in our relationship. The prayer for the prodigal was entrenched inside my mothers heart. Then a marvelous unexpected suddenly happened. I felt another soft touch this time coming from a child whose name was the same as my son, he was also down syndrome.  This boy was known in this community for having a special gift of healing. He gestured to lift my face and look into his eyes and spoke with a kind but firm tone. "Look into my eyes" he said whilst holding my wet tear drenched face in his hands, "He will make you better, Its going to be alright, Jesus makes you better." I felt like it was Jesus talking directly to me. This profound prayer changed my state of desperation into peace and rest. I knew things were going to change. 

Later that morning another friend came over and prayed for me. As I lay on the floor completely surrendered I went into a vision of seeing Jesus walking with me in the garden. Talking with me and unblocking confusion.